Vision and objectives


TEMPO’s vision is of a Europe in which traffic management is decentralised enabling travellers to have more reliable journeys from door to door, less economic loss due to congestion, pollution reduction, and providers and integrators of TMSs to have usable tools that enable design, while allowing confirmation of key resilience and safety properties.

Current traffic data standards that we foresee to use, such as DATEX II and DVM-Exchange, may require some amendments for our purposes.


The objectives of TEMPO are:

  • To produce well-founded models that can be used to demonstrate the value of a distributed CPS controlled TMS solution to the various decision makers enabling new services;
  • To increase the maturity of the existing Overture platform with localisation and visualisation libraries enabling better understanding of the models; and
  • To develop a TMS demonstrator in order to create the basis for forming an eco-system with a value chain targeting more sustainable road transport support.