Traffic management seminar

What: Seminar "Traffic Management in The Netherlands"
Date: 12 October 2015 (afternoon)
Location: West IT Solutions, Vlinderweg 2, Delft, The Netherlands
Costs: None.
Registration: Inform Nico Plat by email (

As part of the TEMPO project, West IT Solutions organizes a mini seminar on traffic management.

The programme will consist of the following speakers/demonstrations (not complete yet):

  • 13:00: Nico Plat (West IT Solutions): Welcome and introduction to TEMPO
  • 13:30: Paul van Koningsbruggen (Technolution): In-silico system simulation and model-based testing for ADAS and Autonomous Driving
  • 14:15: Riender Happee (Delft University of Technology): The Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI).
  • 14:45: Coffee break
  • 15:15: Hans Kramer (Rijkswaterstaat): Practice Trial Amsterdam
  • 16:00: Kakpo Adoko (CGI and Delft University of Technology): Cooperative Route Choice Traffic Management App

If you want to attend, then please send an email to